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It is good to know what encrypted packages are before creating them. The files on your disks or the files that you send by e-mail normally have no protection from unauthorized access. They can be opened by whoever gets hold of them. If you use SPac to put your files into encrypted packages, the only way to view your files is to enter the correct password. There are no backdoors in the product so, even if you forget your own password, the information contained in the package cannot be recovered.

The program consists of the main window where the files and folders are displayed, the menu, and the toolbar for performing standard operations.

The color indicator in the right corner of the status bar shows the current status of the program. Normally it is green, but turns red when SPac is busy. In addition, since SPac can also be used as a simple file compressor, secure (encrypted) archives are indicated by the presence of a padlock icon.


Files can be easily added to the package by clicking on the Add button, and the password used for encryption can be set or cleared using the Password button. In addition, the following functions are available through the menu and toolbar:

File Menu

The options on this menu relate to packages.

New      Prompts for a name and creates a new package  
Open      Prompts to select an existing package and opens it (after password verification)  
Close      Closes the current package  
Properties      Displays information about the package, including optional password hint  
Move Package   Prompts for a folder and moves the current package to the new folder  
Copy Package   Prompts for a folder and copies the current package to the new folder  
Rename Package   Prompts for a new name and renames the current package  
Delete Package   Deletes the current package from disk  
Make .Exe File   Converts the current package into a Self-extracting Package  
Mail to      Sends the current package to another user via E-Mail  
Exit      Shuts down SPac  

Action Menu

The options in this menu relate to the manipulation of files contained in the package.

Add      Displays the Add Files dialog box to allow adding or refreshing of files  
Delete      Deletes the currently selected files from the package  
Extract      Displays the Extract Files dialog box to allow extraction of files from the package  
View      Allows the currently selected file to be extracted for Viewing/Modifying  
Select All      Selects all files  
Invert Selection   Inverts the current selection  
Comments      Allows the addition of comments to the package  
File Properties   Displays the properties of the currently selected file.  
Options Menu

This menu gives access to configuration options.

Configuration   Gives access to the Options dialog box  
Password      Allows the setting or modification of the password used for the current package  
Sort      Changes the sort order used for the listed files  
View Last Output   Allows access to the report generated for the last major actions  

Right-clicking in the programs main window displays a context menu with access to relevant functions from the main menu.


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