Password Management
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SPac has the ability to maintain a record of the passwords used to encrypt and decrypt your packages. This allows packages encrypted with any of the maintained passwords to be opened without you being prompted for a password.

WARNING - although the passwords are maintained in a securely encrypted file, anyone with access to your machine will be able to open packages protected with any of these passwords.  
The passwords are maintained in a file that is encrypted using machine specific information so that the password file cannot be used on other machines.

To maintain your list of passwords, select Options/Configuration/Passwords from the main menu. The following dialog will be displayed:


To delete an existing password from the list, press Delete. To add a new password record, press the Add button. To modify an existing password record, select the password and press Modify. When adding a new password, or modifying an existing password, the following box is displayed:


The Hint field allows you to specify some text that the recipient of the package can see to give them a clue when entering the password when they open the package. If you leave the hint blank, the Hint button will be disabled when the recipient enters the password.


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