TC Tracker API
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The TC Tracker API is a set of functions exported from the core Issue Management DLL's that allow you to programatically access much of the functionality of TC Tracker. It is aimed at developers who need to integrate TC Tracker with their own applications or with applications that are not currently supported.

This help file documents the supported functions and describes their use in more detail. Although this document is aimed mainly at Delphi developers, all API functions are available from any other application that can access exported functions from Windows DLL's.

What is documented

Throughout this document we will describe the API as it is handled from within a Delphi application. The Delphi interface to the API is wrapped by a set of files that simply convert the low-level functions into a more pascal-friendly format:

Defines the constants, including error codes, used in the API
Defines the types used by the API
Useful utility functions that help with conversion and initializing.
The main API wrapper file for TrkMain.dll. This DLL contains the User Interface for TC Tracker and provides a higher-level interface. A future release of the API will give lower level access.

Calling Convention

All functions are exported from the DLL's using the stdcall calling convention.


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