Utilities (TCTrkUtils.pas)
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This file contains utility functions that may be useful in the context of the TC Tracker API. They are provided simply to make things a bit easier and are not documented in this API.

The following two functions are particularly important because all date/times are stored and returned by the API in UTC format and need to be converted on occasion.

function LocalDateToUTCDate( Date: TDateTime ): TDateTime;  
function UTCDateToLocalDate( Date: TDateTime ): TDateTime;  
When reading a date value using the API, it can be converted to a local TDateTime format by making the following call:

LocalDateTime := UTCDateToLocalDate( FileDateToDateTime( TrackerDate ) );  

similarly, before storing a date, it shoudl be converted to UTC using a call similar to the following:

TrackerDate := DateTimeToFileDate( LocalDateToUTCDate( LocalDateTime ) );  


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