Connecting to a Repository
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Before you can start the TC Tracker client application you must tell Tracker the location of a valid connection to a running repository. This can be done using the Connection Manager.

Note that this only applies to the standalone version of Tracker. With the addin for Team Coherence, connection is done through Version Manager.  


To start the connection manager select Start / Programs / MCN / Team Coherence / Connection Manager

The Connection Manager displays a list of known connections to repositories. If you want this dialog to be displayed each time you start Team Coherence, make sure that Prompt at startup is checked. It can also be displayed while running Version Manager by selecting Tools / Connection Manager... from the main menu.

To add a new connection, click on the Add button. To modify an existing connection, click on the Modify button. This will display the properties dialog box for the selected or new connection:


The Connection Properties dialog box allows you to specify the connection parameters to an existing repository. As well as a Name and Description for the connection, used to identify the connection, you must specify:

The host is the address of the computer that is running the instance of the Team Coherence Server you wish to connect to. You can either use the HostName for the machine, or can specify a valid IP address.

The Port is the port that the instance of the Team Coherence Server you are connecting to is listening on. This information will be available from the person responsible for maintaining the server.

Dialup Networking
If you are accessing a remote repository via a dialup connection you can select an existing DUN connection to use from the list. You also need to enter a valid username and password for that connection.

If the Team Coherence Server you are connecting to has had an additional security key assigned to it, you will also need to enter that key in the Security page. The key should be supplied by your system administrator.

Note that this security key is only required if a key has been applied to the server.

Once the parameters have been set for this connection, you can use the Test Connection button to check that the connection is valid. This will try and connect to the server and wait for a valid reply.


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