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For every Project, there are one or more folders. Folders are simply an organisational tool used to group issues, for example, by their status or importance. Each user can define any number of folders and use them for any purpose.

It is important to note that folders are created on a per-User basis and are an organisational tool only. For this reason, different users logging into the system will only see the folders defined by themselves and other users may see a completely different folder structure for the same Project.

The main folder contained by a Project is called the In Tray. The In Tray contains all issues that are assigned to you and have not yet been moved to other folders. All new issues will initially be found in the In Tray.

notes Note that, by default, only Issues assigned to you will be displayed under Projects and Folders. You can also view issues from all users (see the Show Issues for All Users checkbox under Tools/Options/General). In this case, the In Tray will show all issues from all users unless they have been moved into another folder.  


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