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In TC Tracker, a Project is simply used to group related Issues together and to define which users or groups can carry out specific actions. A repository can contain any number of projects, but each has to have a unique name.

notes Note that, by default, only Issues assigned to you will be displayed under Projects and Folders. You can also view issues from all users (see the Show Issues for All Users checkbox under Tools/Options/General).  

Security in TC Tracker is defined at the Project level. Access to the security options is via the Project Properties dialog box (select the Project and choose Action / Properties from the main menu). The various security levels apply to all Issues contained by the project:

·Access - defines which users can specify security privileges  
·Delete - defines which users can delete an issue  
·Modify - defines which users can modify an issue  
·Can Complete - defines which users can complete an issue  
·Can Verify - defines which users can verify an issue  
·Can View - defines which users can view the issues contained by this project.  

notes Note that Admin users, and Supervisor, have full access to all issues regardless of these settings.  

A Project can contain any number of Folders.


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