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Client side addins are DLL's installed in the client application. Depending on the functionality exported from the addin, functions in the DLL's will be triggered before and after certain Version Control actions. Within these DLL's you have full access to the Direct API as defined in the wrapper file TCVcsDirect.pas.

To allow as many development tools as possible to be used to create addins, addins are implemented by exporting certain functions from standard Windows DLL's. For an Addin to be valid, it must export the following two functions:


The rest of the exported functions are optional and are usually called Before and After certain Version Control actions, including:


When multiple actions occur at the same time, i.e. checking out a folder, these actions are normally bracketed by the following calls:


To support the use of code formatters (to allow individual users to format code the way they prefer), the following functions are called:


Two other, optional functions can also be exported. These allow configuration of the addin, and the displaying of an About box:


Installing Client-side Addins

To install a client-side addin, start up Team Coherence Version Manager and select Tools/Options/Addins from the main menu. The following dialog will be displayed:

Clicking on the Add button allows you to select the DLL file that implements your addin. If the addin supports it, you can also click on the Configure button to configure any settings required by the addin.  


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