Direct Interface (GPVCCore.dll)
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This DLL exports functions that allow direct, non-UI, access to the main Version Control functionality of Team Coherence. This section will describe the functions exported from this DLL in terms of how they are accessed from Delphi.

In the description of the function we include the Delphi definition of the function which is used to wrap the function that is exported from the DLL. We also include the definition of the function that is actually Exported from the DLL.

Where parameters are described, they are the parameters of the Delphi wrapper function and not that of the exported function. In most cases the parameters are the same (but with different types) for the exported function.

To distinguish these functions from those that interface with the User Interface of Team Coherence, these functions are exported with a TCDVcs prefix.


Important: All of these functions can be accessed from client-side addins, with the exception of TCDVcsConnect and TCDVcsDisconnect. When accessing the API from within a client-side addin, you must use the functions exported from the GPVCCore DLL (those wrapped in the TCDirectIntf.pas file).

Most of the functions defined in this section use ID's to identify objects in the repository. Each object in the repository has a unique numeric ID. To get the ID's of objects in the repository use the EnumXXX functions to enumerate through the hierarchy.

The versions of these functions exported from the GPVCCore DLL (those wrapped in the TCDirectIntf.pas file) do not utilize a cache so, if using these methods in your own applications, it is advisable to maintain some sort of internal cache to link file objects with their ID's in order to improve performance when multiple lookups are done on filenames.

If using the version of these functions exported from the GPVMain DLL (those wrapped in the TCIntf.pas file), they have access to the internal cache of the User Interface and are therefore much quicker. The downside of using these versions is the increased memory usage.

Linux Users

Currently, only the Direct API is supported under Linux.


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