Main Interface (GPVMain.dll)
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This DLL exports functions that allow access to and control of the higher-level functionality of Team Coherence, including the User Interface. This section will describe the functions exported from this DLL in terms of how they are accessed from Delphi.

In the description of the function we include the Delphi definition of the function which is used to wrap the function that is exported from the DLL. We also include the definition of the function that is actually Exported from the DLL.

Where parameters are described, they are the parameters of the Delphi wrapper function and not that of the exported function. In most cases the parameters are the same (but with different types) for the exported function.


This file also exports faster versions of the Non-UI functions defined in Direct Interface. If using the TCIntf.pas wrapper for GPVMain.dll, you can mix and match the UI and Non-UI functions.

Linux Users

Currently, only the Direct API is supported under Linux.


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