Manually adding files to existing Folders
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If you already have an existing project archived, it is sometimes necessary to add new files as they are created.

If you select a Folder in Version Manager, right clicking on the folder will allow you to add files by selecting Add files…

This will display the File-open dialog, with the Folders current local directory selected. Simply select the files you want to add and press the OK button.

Note that a file cannot be archived more than once. In all of the above cases, if a file that you are adding is already archived, it will simply be checked-in if it is currently checked-out, or ignored.

Alternatively, when a Folder is selected in Version Manager, a page in the detail pane lists the files and folders for the currently selected directory that are not already archived. To add any of these files or folders: select them, right-click to display the context menu, and select Add to Version Control.


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