The Organisation of MCN
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MCN Software (MCN) is a small, but expanding, company and has three developers working on a number of projects for several different clients. They also have a core product, called Team Coherence, that they actively sell and maintain, and a freeware product called GP-Install, which was originally created by one of their developers for internal use.

In addition to the developers, there is one person responsible for the QA process, and another for documentation.

Team Coherence has been under version control for a number of years but GP-Install is not yet archived. GP-Install is becoming very popular and maintenance is now becoming an issue. To allow GP-Install to be maintained by several developers it has been decided to add it to the Product repository.

Client code is maintained in a separate Client repository. The decision to maintain multiple clients in a single repository was made because MCN use a set of common source files to provide certain basic functionality that is used by all the client projects.


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