Version Labels
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Version Labels are simply placeholder's (but see below). Any revision of a file can have an unlimited number of Version Labels attached to it. Version Labels are useful when you want to mark a particular revision of a file for use later in the context of multiple files.

For example, consider the situation where you have a project that contains many files. At some point, all the files in that project may reach a stage where you would release something to a client. The problem is that the different files involved at that point are all at different revisions. A Version Label can easily be assigned to the current revision of all the files involved, essentially creating a Snapshot, or Baseline, of the situation at that particular point in time.

The benefit of Version Labels really comes when, at some point in the future, you want to reconstruct that situation. With Team Coherence, this is a simple task.

From Version of Team Coherence Server, you can define security attributes for Version Labels and Labels can be associated with specific Projects. This allows you to better organise labels, and have control over who is allowed to assign and remove labels. For more information on these features, see Creating Version Labels.

As the number of labels increases over time, Version Labels that are no longer required for current activities can be marked as hidden using the Version Label dialog box. This makes Version Label selection quicker while still maintaining existing labels.

Branch Base Label

Each Label in TC can be associated with a Branch Base Label to form a label pair to assist when working on previous versions of a project. When a Label with an associated Branch Base Label is initially assigned to a file, both labels will be attached to the relevant revision. When you subsequently check in changes to this revision of the file (i.e. when working on a previous version), and associate the Label with the checkin, if the Label and Branch Base Label are both attached to the revision being checked in a Branch will automatically be created. This means that changes made to the older version will not be included in the main development stream.


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