SPac - Security and Flexibility.

The fast proliferation of information technology exposes private data to breaches of confidentiality. Unfortunately, most encryption tools for individual and commercial users on the market today are unable to provide a level of encryption sufficient to protect us from eavesdropping due to weak, easily broken security or general unawareness of the problem.

If you don't use strong encryption, sensitive information can be easily stolen from your computer, intercepted by your Internet Service Provider, hackers, government, or global surveillance networks.

Fully Featured Self-Extractor.
Main Screen

Self-extracting packages give you the ability to redistribute the contents of your packages without the recipient having to own a copy of SPac.

Uniquely, SPac allows the recipient to modify the contents of the package (subject to the recipient knowing the password) and add additional files as well as allowing simple extraction of selected files. Most other similar tools simply force the recipient to extract all the files in the package.

This ability, as well as secure encryption, makes it easy to keep sensitive files secure while allowing trusted associates the ability to modify and return the files without having to own the full version of SPac.


SPac is an easy to use, secure, and powerful application for file encryption and sharing. SPac combines both compression and encryption into the one product and utilizes a user-friendly interface to make manipulating your secure archives simple.

SPac was developed and compiled outside of the USA, has no back doors or escrow keys, and is not subject to US export restrictions. Files are encrypted using the very strong BlowFish (448-bit key) algorithm, and high compression keeps the filesize down.

Easy to use.

SPac utilizes familiar screen layouts and dialogs to make working with secure packages as easy as possible. If you are familiar with the more popular compression tools, you should be up to speed in no time.

This ease of use is not restricted to the full product either. SPac self-extracting packages have a cut down version of the full product embedded in the package so the recipients of your packages have access to most of the same functionality.

The combination of securely encrypted packages, ease of use, and full-featured redistributable self-extracting packages make SPac a compelling choice.

Main Features
  • Creates strongly encrypted zip-like file archives
  • Easy to use
  • Encryption key management
  • Email encrypted files to other users
  • Secure deletion (wiping) of files