Easy to Use.

This page displays some screen shots from SPac, and illustrates features of SPac that make it so easy to use.

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Screen Shots.

Some screens for SPac are shown below. Click on the image for a larger version:

Main Screen

The main form of SPac. As you can see, it provides a lot of information about the files contained in a package on the one screen. The screen is also configurable to allow you to view as much or as little information as you like.

Add Files

To add files to an existing or new package, select Action/Add... from the main menu. The Add Files dialog presents a familiar interface to allow you to select files to add to the package.

When adding or refreshing files, you have the option of completely erasing the original on-disk file.

Extract Files

Extracting files from an SPac archive is as simple as selecting the files and pressing the Extract button. Once again, a familiar dialog is used to allow selection of the folder and other options.

Files can also be extracted, and opened, by double-clicking on them.

Add Files

Selecting a file and pressing View allows you to open a file for editing or viewing. When viewing a file, you have the option of viewing it in the built-in ASCII text editor, the application associated with the file, or a specific application.

If the file is modified, SPac can automatically update the package with the new file contents, and will automatically delete the on-disk version of the file.

Extract Files

Unlimited comments can be added to any SPac package and can be useful in tracking changes as the package is updated.

Comments are encrypted along with the package.

Add Files

Self-extracting packages have almost the same functionality as the full product, and files can be added, modified and deleted from such packages without the recipient having to purchase SPac.

With the registered version of SPac, self-extracting archives can be freely distributed.

Main Features
  • Creates strongly encrypted zip-like file archives
  • Easy to use
  • Encryption key management
  • Email encrypted files to other users
  • Secure deletion (wiping) of files