Frequently Asked Questions.

If you are having problems with SPac, or just want to find out more before downloading the evaluation version, please consult the following before requesting support or information.

How long does the evaluation last?

30 days from original installation. Currently, the evaluation version will continue to work even after the evaluation period, but we reserve the right to change this in future releases. Continued use of SPac after the 30 day evaluation period is a breach of the SPac license agreement.

Can I distribute the self-extracting packages created with the Evaluation version?

Self-extracting packages created with the evaluation version of SPac cannot be redistributed by any means and the functionality is simply provided to allow a full evaluation of SPac before purchase. This restriction is lifted for the registered version.

Is there a limit to the size of files created with SPac?

The size of package created using SPac is not artificially limited. However lack of disk space, or of memory when adding very large files, may cause problems when adding files to packages.

Main Features
  • Creates strongly encrypted zip-like file archives
  • Easy to use
  • Encryption key management
  • Email encrypted files to other users
  • Secure deletion (wiping) of files