MCN Easy Backup.

Data is your most important asset so making sure it is safely backed up is essential.

MCN Easy Backup is designed to be fire-and-forget. Simply define the files/folders you want to backup and tell it where you want to put them.

If the device (e.g. a USB stick) is not available, the backup will continue when the device is reconnected

Not quite ready yet.

We will be releasing a beta version in the very near future. Some initial screenshots below:

Main Screen.

This is the main screen to allow definition of backup plans. This screen is not normally displayed unless requested.

Plan Definition.

This is one of the pages used to define what and where to backup files and also the type of backup.


Shows the selecton of files to be restored. If the backup type defines the maintenance of revisions, you can choose to restore files prior to the last backup

Main Features
  • Run daily backups...
  • Or backup files as they are changed
  • Maintains backup revisions
  • Can zip and encrypt backed up files
  • Supports unplugging and plugging in of backup devices
  • Multiple backup plans
  • Restore latest, or by date
  • Runs in background with minimal resource usage