Issue Tracker.

Issue Tracker is a bug and issue tracking tool designed to integrate with the popular TeamCoherence Software Configuration Management (SCM) tool. Tracker either runs standalone, or integrates tightly with Version Manager to add Bug and Issue tracking and to link issues with file archives.

Using Issue Tracker, you can log and control the progress of several different types of Issue, including Bug Reports and Feature Requests, and maintain a history of how these issues progress. The tight integration with TeamCoherence Version Manager means that Issues can be associated with project files, and vice versa.

Intuitive Interface.
Main Screen

the Issue Tracker graphical client has been designed to be very easy to use. Extensive use of HTML allows one-click access to relevant information, and also allows easy modifications to what the user sees through the use of simple templates.

Unlimited attachments and associated images allow issues to be described in more detail and, with links to Version Manager, source files can be associated with and tracked alongside issues.

User-defined fields, along with associated change history, if required, allow you to track who did what to fix a particular issue.

Trigger Support and Comprehensive API.

Need to be notified when issues are assigned to you? Need to access Issue Tracker from within your development tools?

Issue Tracker fully supports both client and server-side triggers, and also includes a very comprehensive API (Win32 and .NET) to help you automate and monitor issue and bug tracking.

Full API documentation and sample triggers and addins can be found by clicking on the TeamCoherence Website link on the right.

Easy to install and Low Maintenance.

Runs on standard hardware: Team Coherence Server does not require dedicated hardware, and client workstations do not need upgrading to run TeamCoherence.

In addition, TeamCoherence's networking is not a significant load for a typical LAN/WAN. TeamCoherence can usually be deployed without the purchase of any additional hardware.

Near Zero Administration: With little need for customization or configuration, TeamCoherence can be up and running in minutes. Other than backup, it can simply be a case of install and forget.

Main Features
  • Increase Productivity
  • Improve Quality
  • Easy to use
  • Capture Issues that Impact Your Projects
  • Manage Issues and Changes from Emergence to Resolution
  • Trigger Support and Comprehensive API
  • Easy to install and low maintenance