Users and Groups
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One of the first things to do before defining security is to group users into logical groups according to their function. User management in TC Tracker is carried out using the User Manager dialog. This is accessible to ADMIN users by selecting Tools/User Manager…:


This dialog is split into two pages Users (above) and Groups. The Users page lists all users defined for the current repository as well as the groups they belong to. To modify an existing User, select the user and click the Properties button. To add a user, click the New button. This displays the User Properties dialog box:


The Name property is the name that the user logs in under. In addition, a valid password is required. If you change the password for a user, they will need to enter the new password the next time they log in.

The Groups page of the User Manager allows you to organize users into logical groups based on their function:


Groups can contain other groups as well as users, so care is required when defining the members of a group. To modify an existing group, select the group and click the Properties button. To create a new group and assign users to it, click on the New button:


To add and remove members of a group, click the Select button. This displays the Select Users dialog that is also used elsewhere in TC Tracker when defining security:


To add a user or group to the group, select the item in the upper list and click the Add button. To remove an item, select the item in the lower list and click the Remove button. If you are adding a group, Team Coherence will check for recursion (i.e. Group1 containing Group2 containing Group1) and will disallow the action.

When you have finished selecting the members of the group, press the OK button to save your changes.


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