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Team Coherence is one of the simplest to use Software Configuration Management (SCM) solution available today. Rather than turning SCM into a black art that requires weeks of training, enforces unacceptable restrictions on developers, and generally interferes with the development and testing processes, we have designed Team Coherence to be as easy to use as possible.

We have spent several years and worked with many development teams to make Team Coherence a real-world solution to what can be a complex process. Regardless of the size of your organization, Team Coherence helps you organize, manage, and protect your software development projects on every level - from storing and tracking changes to individual files, to managing and monitoring an entire development cycle.

This help file contains all the information you should need to guide you while using Team Coherence.

·Guide to Team Coherence Documentation  

What is Software Configuration Management  
How to Buy Team Coherence  
End User License Agreement  

·Getting Started  
Objects Maintained by Team Coherence  
Configuring for the first time  
Using Version Manager  

Common Tasks  
Advanced Tasks  



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