Integrating Team Coherence with your Development Tool
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Although Team Coherence functions very well as a stand-alone tool for archiving and controlling any type of file, it also integrates directly with a large number of developer and end-user tools.

An advantage with integrating with development tools is that the main functionality of Team Coherence becomes available when you need it, and from within the tool you use.

To integrate Team Coherence with other development tools, select Start / Programs / MCN / Team Coherence / IDE Installation. This will start the IDE installation application:


Depending on what tools are installed on your machine, the items above may differ.

Simply check the tools you would like to integrate with and press the OK button. When you next open up any of these tools, you will find a Workgroups menu option to access Team Coherence functionality.

Functionality is generally based on the tool you are integrating Team Coherence with, but will at least contain menu options to handle the basic Version Control actions of Check In, Check Out, and Get. In some development environments, you may also find a Team Coherence toolbar to give you even faster access to the functions.


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